Business-ContractsOur Charleston business lawyers work hard to protect our clients’ interests. Our business lawyer appreciate the fragile nature of our clients’ business deals and we translate their interests into well thought-out business contracts. Understanding our client’s goals is essential in the formation of business contracts. While understanding these goals is important for of all phases of the business deal process, it is especially critical in the process of legal contract drafting because business contracts requires attention to many subtle issues.

Our business transaction attorneys understand that every client is different depending on his or her experiences, risk tolerance, needs, and goals. Whether the client is a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, the ultimate goal is to complete the transaction on a reasonable basis. What you consider reasonable depends on many factors and the individual weight the client gives to these factors. Our corporate lawyer take the time to understand the nature of the deal and our client’s preferences and goals in order to best represent his or her interests when drafting business contracts.

Our business attorneys appreciate the fragile nature of our clients' business deals and we translate their interests into well thought-out business contracts.
Once parties agree on the terms of a contract, whether based on a mutual oral understanding or based on a letter of intent or term sheet, our corporate lawyers prepare and negotiate the business contract. Sometimes this stage is delayed until a condition precedent is met or until there is assurance the condition will be met, but typically, preparing a draft occurs shortly after the parties have come to a mutual understanding.

Typical issues that arise when preparing and drafting business contracts are determining whose attorney will prepare the first draft; what forms, terms, and conditions will the attorney preparing the first draft use as guiding precedent; whom will review the draft; and how will the draft be distributed once completed. Our corporate attorneys have experience in drafting and negotiating business contracts as well as anticipating the opposing counsel’s responses. We take the time to understand our clients and what they are willing, as well as not willing, to do and we customize our representation to fit the clients’ needs and translate these needs into the written business contracts.