Breach-of-Employment-ContractAn employer and an employee can breach of employment contract. When specific terms and/or conditions of an agreed upon employment contract are not satisfied or met by an employer or an employee. This is known as a breach of employment contract. These breaches typically put the injured party in a position that is much worse than when the employment agreement was originally executed.

There are numerous different terms and conditions that may or may not be included in an employment contract as well as a multitude of different factors that need to be evaluated by our Charleston breach of employment contract lawyers in order to determine the potential legal remedies, damages and/or other options going forward. For example, is this a case to litigate in court or is it better to attempt to negotiate and settle the breach of employment contract case prior to filing a lawsuit? What are the damages and how might they be limited? Is there a liquidated damages clause (i.e. requiring a specified sum of money for the breach)? Oftentimes, specific performance of the contract can be demanded or the payment of financial obligations might be an option to find a resolution.

When the terms or conditions of an executed employment contract have not been satisfied by an employer or an employee, that party has committed a breach of employment contract. If you are an employee or a business/employer and need advice on a breach of employment contract matter, contact our Charleston business litigation attorneys.
Our Charleston commercial litigation attorney perform a complete and thorough review of our business client’s employment agreements to determine which course of action will provide the best resolution. Negotiating a settlement might be a viable option, but we are also ready and willing to pursue litigation, depending on the goals of our client and what is in the best interest of our client.

If you are an South Carolina employee or a South Carolina business and need advice on a breach of employment contract matter, contact our Charleston commercial litigation attorney. Please feel free to email or call our Charleston law office to inquire about your breach of employment agreement matter.