Unfair-CompetitionSouth Carolina and federal business law have historically recognized the need to safeguard and protect unfair competition and deceptive business practices that have the ability to cause serious and irreparable harm to any business or business relationships. The law of unfair competition deals with business torts that cause economic damage to a business through various deceptive business practices.

Unfair competition can be broken down into separate legal categories. First, the term “unfair competition” is normally linked with business torts that intentionally confuse prospective clients and consumers as to the source or the owner of a businesses goods or services. The next legal category, “deceptive business practices,” comprises all other forms of unfair business competition.

Unfair competition can often be defined as any commercial or business behavior or activity that is legally unjust, inappropriate and/or deceptive. Unfair competition includes:

South Carolina and federal business laws have always been concerned in protecting businesses and consumers from unfair competition and deceptive business practices that cause irreparable harm to businesses.
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