Understanding the Healthcare Power of Attorney

Charleston Health Care Power of Attorney | Health Care DirectivesHealthcare Power of Attorney functions as a specific power of attorney which grants a selected agent, usually a spouse, relative or loved one, the ability to make critical health events on the behalf of the appointee should this person be physically incapacitated or mentally incompetent. The health care power of attorney is one of the most fundamental and flexible health care directives by allowing the judgement of a loved one to remain the driving force when difficult health decisions must be made. The heathcare power of attorney can also accomplish the same outcome as a living will, where the decision to proceed or deny medical treatment is ultimately placed on the agent.

Unlike the the general power of attorney, the healthcare power attorney only allows the agent to make health-based decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacity. This health care directive offers peace of mind and guarantees that a client will be supported by the decisions of their loved ones each step of the way in the recovery process. The health care power of attorney also ensures that health and recovery will be the top concerns without worry of family involvement in a legal battle for the ability to decide time-critical medical procedures. The safety provided through the healthcare power of attorneys can sometimes make the difference between temporary and indefinite incapacity. Our Charleston Estate Planning Attorneys provide legal counsel to our clients to support their speedy recovery in the event of incapacity through the legal protections of a healthcare power of attorney plan.

The health care power of attorney is one of the most integral components to proper health care directives. Our Charleston estate planning attorneys can provide legal counsel to individualists and families who like to ensure that their health care aligns with the their wishes through the support of their loved ones.