Charleston Estate Planning Simple Will

Importance of Simple Wills

The formation of a simple will resolves many of the issues of passing away intestate. Simple wills can offer legal guidelines to express the wishes of an individual for the disposition of estate property and assets, selection of an executor of the will, the guardianship of surviving children and provisions for the management of future estate planning and estate administration.

As opposed to a complex will, or a will with an added testamentary trust, a simple will is one of the most efficient and quickest methods to create a sufficient estate plan for the disposition of an estate to one’s loved ones. The most significant advantage of simple wills is the ability to avoid probate, which would require a the involvement of the South Carolina probate court to determine heirs and a personal representative. This form of estate planning is also incredibly convenient for individuals who wish to establish a complete transfer to a spouse or children. A testamentary trust can also be added as a supplemental legal document to compliment the simple will for those who want to create future clarifications or alterations to their will.

A simple will, if carefully drafted and executed, can help individuals, professionals and families plan for the disposition of estate property and assets while lowering estate taxes and avoiding the burdens of the probate process.
Simple wills are often the cornerstone of a Last Will & Testament. Simple wills, as opposed to most testamentary trusts, are valuable in the their ability to be altered or modified at a later date. This flexibility is key for estate planning purposes because family size and assets constantly change so, through a simple will, our Charleston estate planning attorneys can help individuals, professionals and families respond to these changes with legal revisions and protections.