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Guardianship is an important legal mechanic to ensure the protection of our loved ones. However when the terms or ability of a guardian are comprised , legal measures through guardianship litigation may be required. Guardianship litigation most often involves a challenge to the legal guardianship of a special needs person, dependent elderly person, a minor or an otherwise dependent person. The most common grounds for guardianship litigation case include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial exploitation
  • Physical or psychological abuse
  • Negligence

When an individual assumes the title of guardianship they assume the legal, moral and financial  responsibility of those dependent upon them. Any case in which the guardian sacrifices the well being or exploits the financial resources of those dependent upon them should not be taken lightly and should involve immediate legal consultation. Financial exploitation can come in many forms and may involve the misappropriation of assets, a breach of fiduciary duty, extorted or stolen assets, or inappropriate document alterations.

Physical and psychological abuse is also an incredibly serious affront to the legal rights, ethical care and emotional well-being of the dependent. Our Charleston estate planning attorneys understand that situations involving any degree of abuse can be troubling for the entire family and we work hard to provide you with the necessary legal resources to understand your rights so that your may focus on the care and protection of your loved ones.

Our Charleston estate planning lawyers realize that any form of mistreatment to those dependent upon them, whether financial or physical, violates legal and ethical principles. We offer our clients responsive and attentive legal counsel to ensure that your loved ones receive the proper care and attention from their guardian(s).
Neglect of those dependent can also come in many forms, ranging from neglect to economic needs to neglect of physical care. Regardless of the form or severity of neglect, our estate planning attorneys will take every measure in guardianship litigation to ensure that your loved ones receive the proper care and attention.