Charleston Real Estate AttorneyOur Charleston real estate attorneys are aware that real property or real estate is considered the most valuable asset for an individual or family, which makes the selection of any property require prudent attention. Most properties are categorized either as residential or commercial The differentiating factor between these two types of property lies in the fact that the the former must function similarly to a home whereas the latter is utilized for business needs. Both types of real estate still can act as valuable investment resources in spite of their characteristic differences.

A 1031 exchange is one of the most important real estate transaction tools for property investments as it removes capital tax burdens. A 1031 exchange in essence allows for an investor to purchase a property, make investment upgrades, and resell the property without incurring capital taxes, provided that the investor reinvests the money from the sale into a new property. 1031 exchanges thus can offer some unparalleled tax advantages in the investment world and allow for an easy method to diversify assets in the real estate market. Our Charleston real estate transaction law firm provides legal counsel to individuals, professionals and businesses who would like to further explore the potential of investing.

Protecting Real Estate

Much like how car insurance can provide protection for damages and financial loss, title insurance is an equally fundamental planning device that can ensure privacy and ownership rights for homeowners and sellers. Title insurance essentially provides legal reassurance for an individual, family or business to guarantee that party that they truly own their property. Without title insurance, suits to quiet title or suits confirm tax title may challenge property ownership and create an expensive, longstanding legal battle.

An explicitly airtight contract is also one of the best protective decisions for future real estate purchasers or sellers. Any discrepancy in a real estate contract or a real estate lease can create enough leeway for potential litigation battles. Even a single provision that casts some doubt on property lines, easements, ownership or other contractual matters could instigate an unnecessary and potentially costly legal dispute. Our Charleston attorneys provide legal representation to help clients defend their ownership rights and contractual authority.