The Basics of Real Estate Litigation

Charleston Real Estate Litigation | South Carolina Real Estate LitigationReal estate litigation can be an incredibly broad field of law that can involve any legal conflict with real estate transactions, real estate contracts, title matters, or other personal liberties associated with real estate. Some particular conflicts that our real estate attorneys handle include, but are not limited to:

Our Charleston real estate law firm is committed to offering  individuals, families and businesses with  legal counsel to help clients understand their rights to their personal property and real estate. Our Charleston real estate attorneys provide legal representation to defend the interests of our clients during real estate law suits and related legal battles.

Avoiding Real Estate Litigation

In many cases, real estate litigation is not simply or easily avoidable. At other times, though, it is important to pursue such litigation in order to defend personal ownership rights and protect individual assets and interests. Many measure still may be taken in order to minimize the risks of potential real estate litigation cases. The most important factor to avoid unnecessary litigation would be to always strive for creating clear and comprehensive real estate contracts. Real estate contracts can include explicit ownership details, boundary lines and acting easements to limit the risks of boundary line disputes, easement disputes, suits to quiet title and suits to confirm tax title. It is also important to remember that legal conflicts most commonly arise between a client and their neighbors, their relatives, the Homeowners Association or with other neighbors. Clear communication between these parties can also lower the odds of future legal disputes.