Boundary Line Dispute

Charleston Boundary Line Dispute | Estate LitigationA boundary line dispute often arises through a conflict over property boundaries between two neighbors. Many families consider their homes to be their most valuable and most personal assets, which can make any perceived violation of property boundaries appear to be an affront to personal property, family security and individual rights. Boundary line disputes still can be a quite sensitive legal process as it may incite neighborly animosity and family strife.  Our Charleston estate litigation attorney provide legal counsel to our clients to understand their legal rights to property and to decide when to court involvement for boundary line dispute cases.

Preliminary Measures for a Boundary Line Dispute

While clear communication between neighbors is often the simplest prevention technique for boundary line disputes, some neighbors may have a history of shared differences which can be make this plan quite difficult to accomplish. Another useful measure to avoid potential boundary line disputes would be to conduct property surveys at the time of home purchase. A home surveyor or property inspector can reveal a map of property boundary lines so that new homeowners can make themselves aware of where their land ends. If conflict has already emerged, an appraisal can help determine the economic value of the land in question to help a client decide whether or not to pursue litigation measures. A title search will sometimes ease the process by providing a review of all relevant records of ownership. A title search may sometimes indicate that a past relative granted a shift in boundary lines or it may uncover supporting evidence for a client’s case against the actions of their neighbors. These preliminary measures are often valuable indicators to help an individual or family decide whether or not pursue a suit to quiet title, thereby invoking court involvement in the boundary line dispute.

Although boundary line disputes most commonly develop from arguments between two residential neighbors, some boundary line disputes could result from landlord-tenet disputes. Even commercial real estate properties can be subjected to boundary line disputes in certain circumstances. Our Charleston estate litigation lawyers are experienced handling an array of boundary line dispute cases and strive to protect the rights of our clients in any case.