Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Charleston Landlord-Tenant Dispute | Real Estate LitigationA landlord-tenet dispute can arise from rent and eviction arguments, maintenance liability and repair issues, tenant rights questions, or lease agreement discrepancies. In any case, there are several measures that both a landlord and a tenet can make to a best resolve landlord-tenet dispute and to protect their personal rights in the process. It is firstly important to review all policies of the residential lease agreement or commercial lease agreement. The resolution to many disputes lies hidden in the provisions of this document. It is also crucial during any landlord-tenant dispute dispute to keep a written record of all relevant documents to the real estate lease. Without the physical document at-hand, landlords and tenants are only able to rely on their word which is not as defensible as the written agreements themselves. Landlords and tenants should also be prompt to contact legal counsel and communicate this action to the other party in order to facilitate the process. Our Charleston real estate litigation attorneys provide legal representation to landlords and tenants for any landlord-tenant dispute matters.

The Landlord-Tenant Dispute inside and outside of Court

Many landlord-tenant disputes actually get resolved outside of the courtroom process through one-on-one deliberations and sometimes through the help of a third-party mediator. The court process can not only be a time-consuming affair but also a taxing expense. It is thus important for landlords and tenants alike to understand the available legal mechanism that may help them avoid judicial oversight and fees. Other times, it becomes necessary to enter the court process in order to properly defend individual rights and to avoid greater financial losses. Our real estate litigation law firm provides legal counsel to help landlord and tenants understand their personal rights and liberties and to support our clients whether they pursue a mediation process or judicial court involvement.