Lawsuits to Confirm Tax Title

Lawsuits to Confirm Tax Title Most real estate litigation battles involve disputes over the ownership of real estate property, requiring the true owner to confirm their ownership, or title, in some manner. A proper owner usually verifies  their legal ownership either through quiet title actions or lawsuits to confirm tax title. Whereas a suit to quiet title typically involves a confrontational legal battle to establish personal ownership and discredit the ownership of another party, a suit to confirm tax title favors a more indirect legal process to establish title ownership. Suits to confirm tax title may be especially useful during personal family and business conflicts in order to follow the legal path of least interpersonal involvement.A suit to confirm tax title may also be useful in any other case where the client believes that he/she possesses clear ownership and can corroborate this fact with supporting documentation. In other cases, lawsuits include both the characteristics of suits to quiet title and suits to confirm tax title. Our Charleston real estate law firm offers legal counsel to individuals, families and business in handling suits to confirm tax title to defend our clients’ rights to their property and possessions.

Real estate transaction litigation may also call for a suit to confirm tax title in some circumstances. For instance, if a buyer attempts to discredit a seller’s legal authority to sell a given real estate property, then that settle this matter by proving their ownership through a suit to confirm tax title. A seller may similarly dispute whether a buyer has fully completed a real estate transaction and thus doubt their new ownership for a property. This buyer however could also utilize a suit to confirm tax title in order demonstrate their legal title to this property. Any mistake or inaccuracy in the actions of a title insurance agency may also be reason for a client to pursue a suit to confirm tax title.