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To help our start-up and small business clients quickly gain exposure on the internet, our business consultants offer strategic advice with respect to web development, content development, selecting a domain name, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and other appropriate blends of technology and internet business development and e-commerce development.

Internet Marketing

The Internet has absolutely exploded in recent years as a medium for distribution of incredible amounts of information, entertainment, collaboration, and more. Whether a start-up business or small business is just taking its first steps towards marketing itself on the internet or is simply trying to keep pace with the web’s rapid pace, it can be overwhelming.

Traditional marketing and advertising strategies are diverse, and internet marketing is no different. While one business client might be better suited by focusing on search engine marketing, another business might be better by taking advantage of email marketing or leveraging social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Content Writing

Often times, business clients are misguided into thinking that they can establish a quick web presence to increase profits and sales by building a great website.  This if we build it, they will come way of thinking becomes detrimental when start-up’s and small businesses fail to realize their projections.  It is important to understand that content writing or SEO writing is a unique skill set,  and is only developed from years of experience and a precise understanding of the ever-evolving search engine algorithms.

It is important to maintain website agreements updated on a regular basis to reflect new functionality, features, policies, types of use allowed, and similar items.
With close to a billion internet searches conducted online every day, proper search engine optimization is a must.  The businesses that focus on pure content development by hiring expert SEO writers will no doubt realize long term success.  However, the businesses that pursue strategies to fool the search engines in the short-term will no doubt be discovered and penalized.  These latter businesses, will be devastated and will likely have to start-over from scratch.

Web Development

Professional web development can’t be mastered by a business owner in an instant.  It takes a significant amount of help, time, commitment, and passion to succeed and stay-ahead of the game in such a rapidly evolving field.  Although there are thousands of DIY options out there, all businesses, whether a start-up or small business, should strongly consider professional web development.  In the end, it will save a business time, money, and a lot of needless frustration.