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Our Charleston trademark attorneys understand that a company’s identity and brand is one of its most important assets. Business names, symbols, phrases, logos, and other distinctive marks are developed at great time and expense. Thus, trademarks are extremely important to almost all businesses and entrepreneurs that provide a product or service.

These business names, symbols, phrases, logos, and other marks may function as a trademark when it is used in commerce in order to distinguish a good or service associated with the trademark, from the good or service of another. Having a federal trademark registration allows that trademark certain legal protections that would otherwise be unavailable to the business owner. Because a trademark represents the identity and brand of a business, a trademark can achieve enormous value that would be foolish to not protect.

The federal trademark search and registration process may seem fairly straightforward on the surface, but more often than not it is complex, time consuming, and riddled with areas to potentially make significant, costly mistakes. There are several major benefits to using a Charleston trademark attorney to perform a trademark search and file a federal trademark application, including: 1) saving time, and 2) saving money; and 3) avoiding costly mistakes.
In most situations, state and federal trademark registration should be of the highest priority of any business strategy to protect the intellectual property rights of the business or entrepreneur.

Unless a business registers its trademarks, a latecomer business or entrepreneur may seek to obtain a state or federal registration of the trademark and block the expansion of the trademark and any later attempt to register it.  If a business properly registers its trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the USPTO will automatically reject the application of any latecomer attempting to register the same or confusingly similar mark, and the trademark rights of the business or entrepreneur will always be superior to the latecomer. Having a federal trademark registration also provides a number of trademark benefits.

Corsearch Trademark Clearance and Protection

Our law firm uses Corsearch, the premier trademark clearance and protection platform for trademark and brand solutions.  Its high-quality, intuitive tools and unparalleled expertise enable professionals to effectively manage their trademark screening, search review, watching, and domain management processes. With highly trained researchers, an expansive global content set and customer-designed technology tools like the Corsearch platform, Corsearch empowers its customers with the ability to easily, quickly and flexibly monitor and protect their brands in an increasingly complex business environment.

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We provide trademark counsel and advice to those individuals and businesses who are serious about developing and protecting their company name, product names, service names, logos, and taglines. We assist clients in everything from the trademark selection to its registration. Our Charleston trademark attorney provides guidance to any entrepreneur or business in the process of launching their new product or service in the marketplace and ensure their trademarks are properly protected.