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New 2011 SBA Loan Initiatives Announced!

The Small Business Administration announced two lending initiatives today, Small Loan Advantage and Community Advantage, aimed at making modest loans to small businesses quickly. The SBA's new Small Loan Advantage program permits larger banks, or preferred lenders, to make loans through its flagship 7(a) lending program up to $250,000 and get them approved quickly by [...]

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2011: Web Influence On Retail Sales

A recent forecast, published by Forrester, regarding online retail sales made an important reference to Web influence on in-store retail sales.  For those start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that do not intend to have a web presence, or do not intend to sell their services, crafts, and products online, they should pay attention to these [...]

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Latest Daniel Island Business Acquisition

Daniel-Island based Sabal Medical Inc., a privately held medical technology company, has been acquired by Swisslog, a Swiss provider of logistics solutions for hospitals, warehouses and distribution centers. Sabal Medical located in Daniel Island (Charleston), has been developing innovative products for the health care industry since 2007.  It's main product, a mobile drug cabinet, will [...]

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Charleston Mayor Riley’s Annual “State of the City” Address

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley gave his State of the City address Tuesday night.  As in previous years, the underlying theme of the address was Charleston job growth.  Mayor Riley highlighted several business projects and business initiatives that would increase job growth in the Charleston area.  A few of these business highlights were: »  Increased cruise [...]

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New Downtown Charleston Cruise Ship Passenger Terminal Planned

The Charlestowne Neighborhood Association, which represents Charleston homeowners who live south of Broad Street, is working to move he new cruise terminal to the Columbus street Terminal instead of the northern end of Union Pier.  This is due to an effort by the neighborhood association to keep the planned cruise terminal from affecting residents near [...]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For New Businesses

Our Charleston law firm organizes numerous corporations and LLC's each month.  Although these new businesses operate in an array of industries, one common thread seems to exist in the new businesses marketing/advertising strategy:  An attractive, powerful website that will automatically create traffic and instantly drive revenues. New business owners, not so fast.  Like traditional advertising [...]

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Mount Pleasant Entrepreneur & Business Expo

Registration is now open for the Entrepreneur and Business Expo in Mount Pleasant this September 8th.  The business expo will offer cost-effective ways to promote business ventures along with techniques for business networking and personal development. Companies with a Mt. Pleasant business license will receive priority, but exhibit space will be reserved on a first-come, [...]

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New Business: Hangers Couture, LLC Launches!

We formed and organized a limited liability company start-up, Hangers Couture, LLC, at the beginning of this year and its already had two quarters of growth in 2011.  Congrats to the founder, Brittney Zeller, for her hard work and creative marketing and advertising strategies. Hangers Couture offers for sale through its new ecommerce site designer [...]

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New Apps For Facebook Business Pages

Business owners know that it's a must in this tech driven consumer market to establish a fabulous Facebook business page!  There are all sorts of new DIY (do-it-yourself) apps popping up to help business owners leverage Facebook's lucrative social networking tool.  Whether you're on a shoestring budget or have set aside a nice marketing fund [...]

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Business Intelligence: Make Risk-Free Decisions

Either as a new business owner or a seasoned corporate executive, have you ever made an important business decision you later regretted? Maybe your company opted for seemingly ideal store locations, only to realize the surrounding markets won’t support them. Or you devoted a big chunk of your budget to marketing campaigns that are returning [...]

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