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Transfer of LLC Membership Interests

As highlighted in the limited liability company section of our law firm’s website, of critical importance for any member (i.e., a business owner holding an LLC interest in a limited liability company) is the right to transfer his, her or its LLC interest (also termed membership interest) to another member, the LLC or to a [...]

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Trademarks – What is Fair Use?

As our Charleston trademark attorneys have expressed throughout the trademark sections of this site, the core function of a trademark for any business is to serve as an exclusive identifier of the source of a products, good or service.  One of the most important trademark benefits enjoyed by a business or entrepreneurs holding a registered [...]

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Do Single People Need Estate Planning?

Do single people need estate planning?  Perhaps you’ve been to an estate planning seminar.  Maybe you’ve read a few articles in the paper of in magazines.  Maybe you've contacted a Charleston estate planning attorney in the past.  Are you now ready to talk about practical estate planning?  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. [...]

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Tax Reform – Game Changer for Businesses

Our Charleston business lawyers have been busy unpacking the new 2018 tax law.  One of the most important considerations under the new tax law is the choice of business entity and tax structure for new or existing businesses, especially limited liability companies.  The new 20% tax deduction for "pass-through income" from sole proprietorships, partnerships, and [...]

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