Nondisclosure-AgreementA nondisclosure agreement protects employers from an employee’s divulgence of confidential, sensitive and valuable information. This agreement is essential in trade secrets or patent cases. It is critical that this type of written agreement be specific as to what information is considered private and confidential. We highly recommend you contact one of our Charleston business lawyer to draft a nondisclosure agreement to protect your valuable private information.

The establishment of a successful business requires the protection of confidential information. A nondisclosure agreement is limited only to the protection of a business’s trade secrets.  Signing this agreement is often a condition of employment. This type of agreement generally states that the employee agrees to hold the employer’s confidential data and other information regarding products, services, operations, suppliers, and customers in strict confidence. The employee agrees to be responsible for the safeguarding of the valuable information that he or she has access to during the course of his or her employment.

In order to establish a successful business, it is imperative to identify and protect confidential information. Essentially, nondisclosure agreements are critical for a business. Contact our commercial litigation attorneys to draft a nondisclosure agreement to protect your valuable and confidential information.

A nondisclosure agreement typically identifies and defines the confidential information in question. Examples of confidential information protected by nondisclosure agreement are: trade secrets, processes, codes, procedures, developments, designs, improvements, strategies, prices, costs, marketing plans, customer and supplier lists and files.