Cash Mobs: Groups Support Local Businesses

A new way to influence start-ups and small businesses

Groups of people all over the nation are organizing through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help support local start-ups and small businesses.  It’s a concept borrowed from the flash mob – those coordinated gatherings in public places that burst into song and dance – and the local organizers have turned it into a buy-local effort called a “Cash Mob.”  Basically, groups of locals meet-up at a specified local shop armed with $20 to spend on the products and services of the business.  Not only is this new phenomenon supporting local businesses but it’s providing an opportunity for people to meet in person — as opposed to Facebook and Twitter.

Cash Mobs are gaining steam all over the United States, so watch out for them in your area.  Better yet, organize one yourself in support of you favorite local start-up or small business. Visit the Cash Mob blog for more details…

All though the Cash Mob may be a new phenomenon, there are other groups influencing businesses in similar ways.  One such campaign, which has had much success in Charleston, is the Carrot Mob.  “Carrotmob gives you the power to make the world a better place by influencing how businesses operate. Instead of organizing boycotts, we offer to spend money as a group if a business agrees to make a socially responsible change.

The crazy part is that it actually works! We’ve had over 175 campaigns all over the world and once we have enough people we’ll do the same thing with big companies!”

Here, check out the website –  Carrot Mob

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