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The Importance of Written Operating Agreements

An LLC operating agreement is an agreement between the member or members of the LLC and the LLC entity. Under the South Carolina Limited Liability Company Act, the members of both single-member and multi-member LLCs are permitted to enter into a written operating agreement to regulate the affairs of the company and the conduct [...]

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SBA Coronavirus Disaster Assistance

From restaurants local stores to trucking companies and other transportation businesses, companies across the country have felt a serious financial squeeze due to Coronavirus.   If your business has been hurt as a result, there may be a promising option through the United States Small Business Administration (“SBA”). On March 4, 2020, Congress allocated $8.3 billion [...]

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Transfer of LLC Membership Interests

As highlighted in the limited liability company section of our law firm’s website, of critical importance for any member (i.e., a business owner holding an LLC interest in a limited liability company) is the right to transfer his, her or its LLC interest (also termed membership interest) to another member, the LLC or to a [...]

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