CARES ACT Stimulus Checks for Individuals and Families

The massive coronavirus stimulus bill is expected to clear Congress today.  Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, here is a FAQ regarding the stimulus checks for individuals: How much money is it? The plan provides $1,200 for each adult and $500 for each child under 17. A married couple with two children would get $3,400. [...]

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CARES ACT Stimulus Loans for Businesses

The sweeping coronavirus aid package set for a House vote today provides $349 billion for the Small Business Administration to guarantee loans to small businesses. The legislation calls for the loan money to be distributed using the existing framework of the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) program. The 7(a) program is a joint partnership between private [...]

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SBA Coronavirus Disaster Assistance

From restaurants local stores to trucking companies and other transportation businesses, companies across the country have felt a serious financial squeeze due to Coronavirus.   If your business has been hurt as a result, there may be a promising option through the United States Small Business Administration (“SBA”). On March 4, 2020, Congress allocated $8.3 billion [...]

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Do Single People Need Estate Planning?

Do single people need estate planning?  Perhaps you’ve been to an estate planning seminar.  Maybe you’ve read a few articles in the paper of in magazines.  Maybe you've contacted a Charleston estate planning attorney in the past.  Are you now ready to talk about practical estate planning?  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. [...]

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Third-Party Beneficiary Claims

In 2003, Alice Dumville (“Dumville”) met with Thorsen to address her estate planning needs, specifically her last will and testament.  Following the estate planning meeting, Thorsen gathered that Dumville wanted a simple will that would allocate all of her real estate to her mother, should her mother survived her. If her mother-- who was in her late [...]

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BATF Rule 41F and Gun Trusts

Understanding Rule 41F - Gun Trust On January 4, 2016 United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed ATF Rule 41F, which impacts how South Carolina gun trusts may be established in the context of estate planning. The Rule administratively changes federal regulations regarding firearms regulated by Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA), specifically [...]

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New 2011 SBA Loan Initiatives Announced!

The Small Business Administration announced two lending initiatives today, Small Loan Advantage and Community Advantage, aimed at making modest loans to small businesses quickly. The SBA's new Small Loan Advantage program permits larger banks, or preferred lenders, to make loans through its flagship 7(a) lending program up to $250,000 and get them approved quickly by [...]

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2011: Web Influence On Retail Sales

A recent forecast, published by Forrester, regarding online retail sales made an important reference to Web influence on in-store retail sales.  For those start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that do not intend to have a web presence, or do not intend to sell their services, crafts, and products online, they should pay attention to these [...]

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Latest Daniel Island Business Acquisition

Daniel-Island based Sabal Medical Inc., a privately held medical technology company, has been acquired by Swisslog, a Swiss provider of logistics solutions for hospitals, warehouses and distribution centers. Sabal Medical located in Daniel Island (Charleston), has been developing innovative products for the health care industry since 2007.  It's main product, a mobile drug cabinet, will [...]

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