Charleston Mayor Riley’s Annual “State of the City” Address

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley gave his State of the City address Tuesday night.  As in previous years, the underlying theme of the address was Charleston job growth.  Mayor Riley highlighted several business projects and business initiatives that would increase job growth in the Charleston area.  A few of these business highlights were:

»  Increased cruise ship business at the Port of Charleston
»  The emergence of Southwest Airlines at Charleston International Airport
»  The Boeing Dreamliner assembly plant
»  Increased support for deepening Charleston’s harbor to accommodate larger ships

Other notable mentions were:

»  Expansion of the Charleston Digital Corridor, which grew by 20 companies last year.
»  Announcement of Flagship 2, an incubator space for Charleston based start-up technology businesses, and other knowledge-based entrepreneurs.
»  Over 1,200 new city business licenses were issued in 2010 – this shows that new small businessesand start-up’s launching in Charleston continues to overcome a recovering economy.

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