It is vital that there is trust and accountability in each South Carolina partnership in order to help prevent partnership disputes.  Each partner involved must play their part, and those in control need to honestly account for income and expenses and must not take advantage of minority partners.

Partnership disputes can arise for a multitude of reasons. A partner may not be carrying his or her weight or could simply not be performing at all.  One partner may want to exit the partnership and the other partner could be refusing to split the assets with the exiting partner. The partners may disagree over the division of profits. One partner may have misappropriated assets or defrauded the other partner.  These are only a couple of the endless examples of the types of partnership disputes that the business litigation attorney handle.

South Carolina partnership disputes can arise for many reasons and can often become personal in nature. When this occurs, our business lawyer divert the litigants to focus on the business at hand to resolve the dispute.

Partnership disputes are typically complex and demand attention to detail in order to understand the heart of the dispute at issue. Our corporate attorneys recognize that partnership disputes can become personal, and therefore, does its best to divert the parties from the personal issues and focus on the business at hand in order to resolve the lawsuit quickly and efficiently.

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