Shareholder-DisputesShareholder disputes can disrupt day to day operations of a South Carolina corporation, as well as the financial success of a business. Typically, shareholder disputes are complicated and deal with delicate issues. Especially when the shareholders consist of family members, friends, or longtime business partners. Business disputes and shareholder disputes can arise for numerous reasons, including:

  • Succession planning;
  • Differing opinions regarding business strategy;
  • Hostility;
  • Uneven financial commitment among the shareholders;
  • An owner’s incompetence; or
  • Unequal compensation.

Our commercial litigation attorneys assist our clients in order to resolve shareholder disputes and multiple other business disputes via mediation or litigation if necessary.

Thousands of people have been the victims of negligence, fraud, corporate greed, and other breaches of corporate fiduciary duty, and these victims have suffered major financial loss because of it. CEOs, officers, directors, and other executives have become wealthier and wealthier at the expense of investors. Our business litigation attorneys are able to work on behalf of shareholders and investors who have suffered such losses due to negligence, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Our commercial litigation attorneys also represent minority shareholders, majority shareholders, and various businesses involved in shareholder disputes, whether a potential lawsuit is in state or federal courts. These disputes include breach of shareholder agreements, breach of fiduciary duty, corporate governance claims, excessive compensation claims, among many others.

If you have shareholder disputes or are involved, or may potentially become involved, in a related  lawsuit, call 843-564-5115.  You may also email one of our Charleston corporate lawyer directly at our Charleston business law firm to inquire about your shareholder disputes.