Dogs: Healthy, Happy + Hydrated!

Pet Beverage for Your Pooch!

LICKS® Launches its first line of nutritional hydrating pet water supplement that will keep your dog hydrated, healthy and extremely happy!  Licks for dogswill be a must have this year as the spring and summer months are predicted to be hotter than ever.  LICKS® now provides the easiest and most efficient way to deliver essential nutrients missing from you four legged friend’s daily diet.

LICKS® is a liquid vitamin developed specifically for dogs and their active owners using the best holistic veterinary research available.  Further, the unique refillable LICKS® liquid vitamin packet can be easily carried in your pocket when you’re on the go and used to replenish your furry friend whenever you stop for a drink  The liquid vitamin packet can be added to water or poured over food. LICKS® has been formulated to taste like the best dog treat your dog has ever tasted.  But in addition to the great taste, it’s loaded with all natural, healthy ingredients that are necessary for a full, thriving canine life.

The founder of LICKS® advocates utility and portability with her products and has developed innovative, proprietary packaging for your dogs clean and easy use while on-the-go.  Moreover, LICKS® ingredients consist of your dog’s most favorite flavors – like roasted chicken!

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