Holy Smoke, LLC’s Smoked Olive Oil

Are you looking for an excellent local, handcrafted gift for yourself, business clients, or your Charleston Start-up Business Holy Smokeemployees this holiday season?  Do you want to buy local and support Charleston small businesses?  Look no further! If you’ve never had smoked olive oil, you’re missing out! “It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!”

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oi

Holy Smoke, LLC, a new start-up business in Charleston, employs a unique process to smoke and manufacture its extra virgin cold-smoked olive oil.  It’s Simple perfection! The smoked olive oil is rich, cold pressed extra virgin California olive oil that is cold-smoked with North Carolina hickory and South Carolina pecans. Holy Smoke’s smoked olive oil is 100% natural and produced right here in Charleston, South Carolina.

The flavor starts off like rich, sweet butter, then a savory smoke slowly permeates your mouth and nose, and it finally finishes with a slight pepper on the back of the throat. Rich, smokey and peppery. It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!

Oh yeah, and the smoked olive oil is for vegans, veterinarians, carnivores, and everyone else that loves great tasting olive oil.

Smoked Olive Oil Process

All of the complex flavors found in Holy Smoke’s smoked olive oil is created by three simple ingredients – cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, North Carolina hickory smoke and South Carolina pecans.  The olive oil smoking process is not as simple as you might think.  It’s definitely a science to the incorporate the incredible flavors and aromas into the olive oil.  Holy Smoke’s process takes 9 hours of cold-smoking in their one-of-a-kind smoking machine to create the savory hickory flavor and subtle sweetness of pecans.

About the Founders

Holy Smoke, LLC was founded by Kyle Payne, Max Blackman, and Greg White in Charleston, SC in February of 2012.  The founders don’t take themselves seriously.  When they are not smoking olive oil, creating new blends of olive oil, and selling their olive oil at local events and farmers markets, they love to play golf and drink smooth bourbon.  They have a passion for food, pride in their work and respect for the Earth and its inhabitants.  It’s with these ideals and more that Holy Smoke was founded.

For more information and ordering, visit www.HolySmokeOliveOil.com or onFacebook.com/holysmokeoliveoil.

Holy Smoke’s Smoked Olive Oil Can Be Used…

Holy Smoke’s smoked olive oil can be used as a final flavor for steak, port, fish, chicken, soup or salad.  It’s great to saute vegetables, cook eggs, or splash on popcorn (instead of butter).  Check out the great recipes the Holy Smoke’s founders have published on their website  – smoked olive oil recipes.

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