Legal-FeesOur Charleston corporate lawyers understand that no two clients have identical legal needs, and for that reason we offer our business clients flexible, flat-fee or fixed-fee pricing options for a broad range of legal services for your business.

From traditional hourly billing arrangements, to fixed-fee projects, to monthly legal service programs, our Charleston law firm will work with you to ensure greater affordability, efficiency, and straight-forward pricing.  In short, we bill at a flat rate for the majority of our business services, and we bill by the hour for those projects that cannot be determined by a flat fee in advance.  Feel free to contact us to request a brief overview on our 2022 fees.

Legal Fees and Billing For New Business Start-Up’s

In today’s economic climate new business owners and entrepreneurs launching a business are increasingly looking for ways to curb the costs of their legal services.  Flat-fee or fixed-fee contracts for legal services, specifically online legal services, that promise both certainty and the reduction of costs can be an attractive alternative to an hourly-rate fee arrangement.

At the start-up stage, new business owners and entrepreneurs generally do not want to spend much money on business entity research and explanations of comparative benefits and drawbacks. They just want a business incorporated or a new LLC formed, so they can hit the ground running with their new idea, product or service. Therefore, we understand the need to be creative with new small business start-up’s. Business owners’ and entrepreneurs need a definite budget and reasonable costs to get off the ground and emerge stronger during this economic downturn. Instead of charging hourly rates, we go out of our way to negotiate flat-fee plans for new business owners. The flat-fee plans will be based on the specific legal issues involved.

Fair, Flexible, Transparent Attorney Fees

Our Charleston business lawyers offer clients flexible, flat-fee pricing options for a broad range of business legal services. From fixed-fee projects, hybrid hourly/contingency options, to monthly membership programs, our business law firm will work with you and your small business to ensure greater affordability, efficiency, and transparency in our billing practices.

Legal Fees and Billing For State and Federal Trademark Services

Virtually every business owner, entrepreneur uses or intends to use a trademark to identify their products, goods or services. The trademarks adopted by business owners or entrepreneurs often serve as the centerpiece of their marketing, branding, and sales efforts and are critical to the businesses’ success. Federal trademark registration and South Carolina trademark registration, which provides state and nationwide rights in the trademark, is more important than ever as we move forward into an increasingly technology driven business environment.  To help business owners and entrepreneurs protect the intellectual property and good will of their company brand, we offer flat fee pricing on many of our South Carolina and federal trademark legal services.  Please email or call our Charleston trademark attorney for more trademark information.

Contact Our Charleston Law Firm to Discuss Your Business Needs

Please contact us to discuss your business legal matter. If you contact one of our business lawyers via email, we will respond within 24 hours (or one business day). If you would like to schedule a meeting in person to discuss your small business’ needs, we will schedule the most convenient time available for you.  Initial meetings are generally provided free of charge and there is no obligation to hire our law firm.   Again, most legal matters will be handled on a fixed-fee or flat-fee basis.