Mt. Pleasant Corporate LawyerAt Frame | Wills, our Mt. Pleasant corporate lawyers provide professional, efficient and affordable legal services to startups, small businesses, private companies, professionals, inventors and entrepreneurs throughout South Carolina.  We are committed to providing all of our clients with experienced counsel, highly responsive communication and thoughtful legal representation.

Our law firm has office locations in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. If you or your small business is located in Mt. Pleasant, or you are looking for a Daniel Island or Mt. Pleasant corporate lawyer, we invite you to contact one of our business lawyers by sending us a quick email or giving us a call.  We will respond to all email requests within 24 hours.

For more than ten years, our law firm’s business transaction practice has offered a broad range of services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals.  Business transactions are integral to the success of every company in any business industry (including technology and ecommerce, real estate, construction, health care, medical, retail and wholesale, human resources consulting, general business consulting, food and beverage, hospitality, education, health and fitness, construction,  media and entertainment, manufacturing, and more).  Our law firm provides legal counsel in the following practice areas:  business formations, business reorganizations, business contract drafting, development and negotiation, trademarks, mergers and acquisitions, estate planning, real estate, and corporate litigation.

A few of the areas our Mt. Pleasant corporate lawyers practice include:

South Carolina Business Formations

When starting a new business in South Carolina (or purchasing an existing business), entrepreneurs and professional should weigh several important factors in determining what legal form a business should take.  A few of these factors should include the relative advantages (e.g., continuity of existence, limited liability, flexibility of management, transferability of ownership rights, etc) and disadvantages (expense and exposure to government regulations) of the corporate form.  The more popular forms of business entities in South Carolina include the sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, corporation, and nonprofit corporation.

Our law firm provides counsel to those entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to form a business in South Carolina.  In addition, our corporate lawyers also regularly handle business reorganizations wherein an existing business seeks to admit a new owner (partner, member or shareholder) or restructure the company agreements (partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, bylaws, buyout agreements, etc) to be reflective of the businesses current operations and internal affairs.

Business Contracts

Every entrepreneur, business owner, or professional understands that business contracts are an integral part of the business environment, and business agreements may be created in many forms.  A thoughtfully drafted and properly negotiated business contract is truly the foundation upon which a business conducts its business.

Business contracts in South Carolina, like any business agreement, most often involve an exchange of promises and a set of terms and conditions pursuant to a written instrument to which the parties have agreed.  Every written business contract in South Carolina should describe the substantive terms of the parties’ agreement, as noted above.  In addition, there are numerous boilerplate clauses incorporated in every business contract that are equally important.  Our law firm’s contract lawyers have significant experience in handling a wide range of business contracts in a diverse number of business industries.  Please browse our business contract sections of this website for more information on those business contracts that we handle.

Business Purchases and Sales

Our Mt. Pleasant corporate attorneys routinely handle business acquisitions every month.  Depending on the business acquisition, our lawyers will either represent the seller of the business or the buyer purchasing a business.  Business purchases and sales (also known as mergers & acquisitions) is central to our firm’s core practice areas since its founding.  A business acquisition may involve the sale of a business from a seller to a buyer as a going concern, or more often is the case the sale of all, substantially all, or certain isolated assets of the business from a seller to a buyer.   These business transactions often involve complex legal and financial issues and our business attorneys, along with our accounting and tax partners with whom we relationships, are well equipped to provide legal counsel during all aspects of the acquisition process.


Our law firm’s trademark attorneys provide entreprenuers, inventors, business owners, and existing businesses with a full suite of state and federal trademark services.  A few of these trademarks services include state and federal trademark searches, state and federal trademark registrations, trademark monitoring, trademark filings, responding to trademark offices actions issued by the United State Trademark Office, and trademark disputes.

Real Estate

Representing residential and commercial real estate clients alike, our real estate attorneys provide legal counsel on a broad range of real estate transactions throughout South Carolina. We are experienced with negotiating 1031 exchanges, real estate contract matters, such as residential purchase and sales agreements, commercial property purchase and sales agreements, and commercial real estate lease agreements. Our law firm also handles real estate disputes and real estate litigation matters.

Estate Planning

Our law firm’s estate planning attorneys provide legal counsel to individuals, families and business on estate planning matters that include, but not limited to: trust administration, asset protection, drafting simple wills, drafting revocable living trusts, South Carolina probate, and estate dispute and litigation matters.  It is our firm’s mission to ensure the estate planning process is easy and efficient as possible.  We offer a free review of any current estate planning documents and fee consultations for those individuals with questions about creating an estate plan, will or trust.

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