Legal Document Review: Reveal Data Corporation

A new player in the legal document reviewtechnology business! Reveal’s new product, InControl, provides affordable and flexible e-discovery software for litigation support in a cross-browser compatible environment.

InControl E-Discovery Technology

A recent trend these days are business law firmsbringing processes in-house so they can offer their clients greater cost savings. Law firms are also getting smarter about driving their vendors’ prices down. Those law firms that decide to fully own the processes in-house need to get smart about what they are buying – dig into their legal technologyevaluation and buy what they really need, not just what they perceive they need.

Reveal now offers a great tool that law firms should look at – it’s called InControl from Reveal Data Corporation. They are a technology company; they only build software, and they have created analytics anddocument review platform that is second to none.

Business lawyers and their legal assistants and associates can review from anywhere – on a MAC, PC or iPad and in their browser of choice. This flexibility allows productivity improvements throughout the law firm. This e-discovery tool also has a highly intuitive user interface, so legal document review training is minimal, which again increases law firm productivity.

Check out Reveal’s InControl – Affordable e-discovery software for litigation.


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