Planning-for-SalePlanning for sale of business comes with various legal concerns. This makes the need for legal counsel imperative in the process. Individuals, however, often seek an attorney’s help too late in the selling process. At this point a potential buyer or seller has already been identified, and financial terms have already been settled. In some cases, sellers receive unsolicited inquiries from potential buyers or intermediaries and negotiations have already been entered into, sometimes prematurely, without the sellers exploring other options. In other scenarios, parties execute agreements, such as confidentiality agreements, without an attorney having the opportunity to review the agreements.

Once a seller has decided to sell a business, steps need to be taken in order to ensure a successful business transaction. The process of planning for sale includes an examination of the target buyer, an assessment of the need for and selection of an intermediary, preparation of marketing materials, and creating and extending employment arrangements to key employees.

Our corporate lawyers have experiences and knowledge in dealing with buyers, sellers, and intermediaries and use this as an invaluable resource to help our clients.

Our Charleston business lawyer understand various seller motivations. We apply that understanding to help our clients select the right type of buyer. We guide our clients through the process of planning for sale to ensure a successful sale of business. When it comes to planning for the sale of a business, our corporate lawyer have great experience in buying and selling businesses and can guide clients while protecting their best interests.