Type-of-BuyerA client looking to sell a business will need to make a decision regarding what types or type of buyer is best suited for the transaction early on in the sale process. This consideration depends on seller motivation. Is the seller selling because of the need for additional resources, financial problems, or regulatory issues? Once a seller’s motivation is clear, he or she can then consider what type of buyer is best suited to take the business and the extent to which the buyer might match the seller’s motivation for selling, and his or her objectives.

Clients are motivated to sell businesses for different reasons.  Our attorneys believe in understanding a client’s motivation, objectives, and reasoning behind the decision to sell a business. By understanding this motivation we are able to provide proper counsel and find the best fit for our clients and prospective buyers.

A client that is selling a business will eventually need to make a decision on what type of buyer is best suited for the transaction. Our corporate attorneys help clients explore the different options or combination of options to ensure they choose the right type of buyer.

On one hand, a client may decide that the best way to go about the sale is to discuss a potential sale to employee. On the other hand, a client may explore the possibility of selling the business to a third party. Conversely, he or she may explore strategic or financial avenues to sell the business. Our Charleston-based corporate lawyer help clients explore the different options, or combination of options, to make sure our clients choose the right type of buyer.