Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For New Businesses

Our Charleston law firm organizes numerous corporations and LLC’s each month.  Although these new businesses operate in an array of industries, one common thread seems to exist in the new businesses marketing/advertising strategy:  An attractive, powerful website that will automatically create traffic and instantly drive revenues.

New business owners, not so fast.  Like traditional advertising and marketing with consumers, when starting a new business it takes time to build legitimacy and credibility with the search engines.  Essentially, the new businesses biggest consumer on the internet in the first year is the search engines – specifically GOOGLE, which owns nearly 70 percent of the search market share.  Therefore, if the search engines don’t like your product (i.e., website) and the marketing/advertising to push your product (i.e., content and linkjuice), the search engines are not going to give you any visibility that will create that projected traffic and internet revenues.

Unfortunately, what many new business owners do not understand is that in order for a freshly launched website to gain any traction with the search engines to acquire that expected site performance much sought after first page visibility, is that the new business owners (or their employees/agents) must:

»  Select a site platform that is SEO friendly, optimizable, and controllable
»  Devote a significant amount of thought in selecting the appropriate domain name
»  Devote a significant amount of time in selecting the most appropriate keywods to target
»  Ensure that the platform selected by the new business allows unlimited site page creation
»  Devise great, unique, relevant content on each site page, optimized for the selected keywords
»  Link build with highly ranked businesses within the same industry as the new business
»  Leverage all the social media powerhouses — facebook, twitter

The new business SEO point to take away

Even the most elegant, expensive website will do nothing to help your new businesses attract consumers and drive revenues on the internet via the search engines.  It takes a considerable amount of thought, time and strategy to retain that much sought after first page visibility.  If an SEO plan is not devised before the site is launched, or if the SEO plan is not properly implemented after the site is launched, be very cautious of calculating those optimistic revenues when developing the new businesses pro form revenue projections.

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