Legal-Contract-DraftingLegal Contract Drafting And Review

Our Charleston business lawyer and business consultants often work with start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs on legal contract drafting based on a  a business’ particular needs. Our Charleston business law firm may also tailor existing contracts for more general use, or review and improve current business agreements. We offer a free initial review to see whether your industry or business is one for which we may provide legal contract drafting and development services.  The following examples are some of the more popular industry areas which our law firm provides services to:

Internet and E-Commerce Contract Drafting and Development

In the area of internet, e-commerce, and technology, the scope of our legal services consists of reviewing, interpreting, and drafting a broad range of agreements. These agreements include browse wrap and click wrap agreements, website development agreements, terms of use and privacy policy agreements, as well as cease and desist orders. We excel at translating information into business value, particularly when it involves the strategic use of technology.

Commercial Lease Contract Drafting And Development

A commercial lease agreement is a legal contract governing the relationship between the landlord and tenant and it is a grant of an interest in real property. The landlord, having an ownership or leasehold interest in the real property, grants to the tenant or subtenant the exclusive use of all or a portion of the real property for a certain period. Besides the grant, the lease contains provisions dealing with the rent and other matters for which each party is responsible. The success or failure of a business may very well ride on certain provisions in the lease agreement. Thus, the landlord or the tenant, would be prudent to carefully draft or investigate the lease contract provisions to ensure these provision meet the needs and preferences of the business.

Our Charleston based corporate attorneys and business consultants often work with start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to create contracts based on businesses' particular needs.

Employment Contract Drafting and Development

As a business law firm, we are frequently called on to assist our business clients in the negotiation and drafting of employment agreement.  Like any other legal agreement entered into at the commencement of a collaboration between two or more parties, employment agreements can play a vital role in determining the success or the failure of the relationship. Employment agreements are a vehicle to attract and retain key personnel and to prevent the disclosure or unauthorized use of trade secrets and other confidential information.

Independent Contractor Drafting and Development

The distinction between an employee and independent contractor has significance for the contracting businesses liability exposure arising from the actions of the individual or business entity employed, as well as liability for a range of employment benefits and expenses.  Thus, it is of significant importance to a contracting business to make clear whether an individual is an independent contract or an employee so as to not misclassify the business relationship. When a small business or start-up determines that it is in its benefit to use an independent contractor, our law firm analyzes the relationship and works to implement a proper business relationship structure that will closely match the regulatory agencies’ criteria for independent contractors.

Confidentiality Contract Drafting and Development

A confidentiality agreement is a crucial legal instrument for start-ups during its development stages or for a small business negotiating its launch of a new product or service. A confidentiality agreement is a binding legal contract which outlines certain confidential material, knowledge, or information that individuals or business entities wish to share exclusively and protects sensitive, non-public business information. As a business law firm, we are often called on by businesses and entrepreneurs to properly draft confidentiality agreements or NDA’s so valuable business information is not, intentionally or unintentionally, revealed to another individual or business without consent.