The Red Party at the Old Charleston City Jail

Don’t miss this year’s Red Party fundraiser at the Old Charleston Jail.  This year’s Red Party is hosted by the American College of Building Arts (ACBA).  The American College of the Building Arts was founded in 2004 in response to the national lack of master craftsmen.

The ACBA is devoted to educating and training artisans in the building arts, and it encourages and fosters the preservation and enrichment of the world’s architectural heritage.

The Red Party was also sponsored by our very own, Cortney Bishop Design – A Charleston Interior Design Company.

Cortney Bishop Design is inspired by all things artistic in life from light fixture to a good rock and roll band.  Cortney incorporates her multifaceted love of art, fashion and interiors into every aspect of her work.  Her skills hail from her unique ability to tailor designs around a single piece of inspiration.  Whether it be an antique rug, or a rare piece of contemporary art, Bishop’s trained eye and gift for pairing modern accents with timeless pieces have enabled her to re-imagine interior spaces around the world ranging from a Tennessee farmhouse or a Manhattan Brownstone.



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